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PA Rentals

When it comes to your event production, sound is every bit as important as the imagery. Will your message come through clearly? Our inventory includes all kinds of speakers, wired and wireless microphone rentals, mixers, cables, connections and contraptions — all the goodies to pull off a great conference, meeting, wedding, movie night or any other important affair.


Our inventory includes a bevy of microphone rentals for your next event. Rent wireless mics from Shure (lavaliere and handheld), wired handheld mics, even wired push-to-talk microphones that are great for panel discussions or on a podium. Our Shure mics include QLX-D, ULX, GLX and BLX models.


Check, check, one two three! Rent speakers from the pros. We carry JBL, EV, Behringer, QSC, Peavey, Yamaha. Fender and others. For large-scale events (conferences and meetings of several hundred attendees) our favorites are probably 15″ EV or JBL speakers. For backyard parties, movie nights, dinner meetings and the like, we use Fender Passport systems for portability and ease-of-use. Tripod speaker stands included.


Speakers, microphones, cables, adapters, doodads… what are you missing? Oh yeah: a quality audio mixer to connect all the parts. Our inventory includes a variety of mixer rentals, from small 4-channel Xynex to the beautiful 32-channel Behringer x32 Compact digital mixer. Mackie and Soundcraft are in the mix as well.


Our shelves are lined with plenty of “extras” like DSAN sound ports, direct boxes, various adapters and all the XLR and quarter-inch cable you could want. Maybe you have a new BluRay player or Roku device that only runs HDMI out and you need to split sound out to a separate system… we have an HDMI/audio decoupler for that. How about a bluetooth receiver for your phone? We have that, too. Lots of goodies at our disposal. For those situations where the mixer and the mics are in different areas, how about a long XLR snake or stagebox to complete the package?

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