Microphone Rentals

Microphone Rentals

Rent microphones — and speakers and mixers and….

When it comes to your event production, sound is every bit as important as the imagery. Will your message come through clearly? Our inventory includes all kinds of speakers, wired and wireless microphone rentals, mixers, cables, connections and contraptions — all the goodies to pull off a great conference, meeting, wedding, movie night or any other important affair.

  • Wireless microphone rentals: Shure BLX, SLX, ULX, QLX
  • Wired microphone rentals: handhelds, push-to-talk
  • Rent lav mic, wireless mic rentals
  • Handheld, lavaliere and headset-style mics
  • JBL, EV, QSC and Fender speakers
  • Mackie, Soundcraft, Behringer mixers

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