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Ambient Lighting: LED Uplight Rentals

Turn “blah” into “BAM!” with simple room decor lighting

A little lighting can make a big difference in your event. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate party or just because, simple LED rental uplights can really turn up the pizzazz in an otherwise dull facility.

We use cool-to-the-touch LED uplights which draw very little power. In fact, several dozen of these can be linked together on a single circuit, significantly reducing the power requirements compared to traditional can lighting. Plus, the color on these can be set onsite, so if you need blue instead of red, no problem — we press a couple buttons on the back and everything is right for your event. With old bulb technology, if you picked the wrong color before the event, you were out of luck unless your tech happened to have extra gel sheets in the color you needed.

Why rent LED uplights?

  • Inexpensive room decor
  • Custom color choices — no gels required
  • Low power consumption — 20 watts each
  • Cool to the touch — safer installation
  • Quick and easy installation reduces labor
  • With a lighting board, custom programmable

Let’s get your party started!

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