Lighting Rentals

Lighting Rentals

Corporate meetings. Fundraisers. Galas. Weddings. Every event deserves to look good, and various types of lighting can really help your space sparkle and shine. We carry stage lights, uplights and gobo lights to bring out the best for your next shindig. Even if it’s just a few uplights behind the stage and a spotlight on the podium, smart placement can add a lot of interest and focus attention right where you want it.

Stage Lighting

Even in fairly well-lit environments like hotel ballrooms, you can probably benefit from specialized stage lighting, especially if you are videotaping your sessions. At a minimum a stage wash or podium wash will help to focus the audience on whoever is talking.

Event Lighting

Bring a little pizzazz to your party! It doesn’t take much to turn boring into something better. Simple uplights behind the stage add some pop, and color around the room converts a drab box of a room into a cool get-together.


Mix and match lighting to finish off your production.


For those events where you just want ambient light to light up a space, a balloon light rental is just the ticket. These aren’t for spotlighting things, but rather throwing light around a space. It’s a big light on a pole — like pulling the moon close to your people!

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