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Elmo Rentals in Los Angeles: Technology for Court

Trial equipment rentals for Los Angeles courts

As a full-service audio visual company in southern California, we stock a wide variety of gear for different needs, including Elmo projector rentals for Los Angeles courts. Not just for Los Angeles, either — you can rent an Elmo in Los Angeles, but also Orange County, and most of San Diego and the Inland Empire. Litigation equipment rentals help you take better command of your case by showcasing various exhibits, whether it’s simple paper documents or pictures or even x-rays and MRIs (this requires a document camera with an underlight).

Elmo presenter rentals are a great alternative to scanning in everything in your exhibit list and provide the added benefit of blowing up text or portions of a picture for better clarity in court. Our most popular Elmo packages include a document camera rental, TV or projector and screen plus all the cabling required to tie it all together, and our professional team will handle setup for you as well. The cost to rent an Elmo is more affordable than you may think, but overall cost depends on the length of the trial, the location and the type of gear required.

Less frequently used outside the courtroom, this type of trial equipment is also employed in various corporate capacities like meetings and conferences. We’ve also had occasion to setup an Elmo projector package as part of an education/training environment, for example to showcase the features on a phone or a school math contest.

Although commonly referred to as Elmo projector rentals, Elmo is actually the best-known brand of a class of product that is more broadly called a document camera. We carry several varieties to match your specific needs. Match these to a projector and screen or flat-screen LCD/plasma monitor for a complete courtroom equipment package.

Some of the courtrooms we service from our SoCal location: Los Angeles (including Stanley Mosk in downtown), Pomona, Van Nuys, Torrance, Compton, San Bernardino, San Diego and all of Orange County.

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