Courtroom Rental AV

Courtroom Rental AV

Rent Elmo document cameras, projectors and more

When your case gets to trial you have enough to worry about without thinking about the technology your courtroom may or may not have already installed. That’s where Source One Rentals gets involved. We carry an assortment of AV rentals specially designed for court cases. This includes Elmo rentals, projector rentals, even audio gear for court. In some cases you may need to rent a large plasma or LCD monitor; we can with that as well. Our pool of rental products includes:

  • Elmo 110XG and P30 document cameras
  • Elmo P100 and 5100XG document cameras with underlights
  • Projector rentals up to 8500 lumens
  • 5′-8′ portable cradle and tripod screen rentals

Our office is located in Santa Ana, CA, which is within driving range of most courts in the Orange County Superior Court system, Los Angeles Superior Court, and several other courts in the region. We offer a delivery service that includes setup and the “two-minute drill” to get you up to speed and ready to present your case to the jury, or we can sit in on your case and help you with the day-to-day operation of the gear.

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