Backyard Movie Night

Movie Night

From a fun backyard movie night with your family to a huge drive-in movie night with your whole church, we have it all.

If it’s summer time, it’s movie time! Especially in southern California, where we traditionally have fantastic weather about 10 months out of the year. We’ll supply projector, screen and audio rentals. Some of our systems double as karaoke rentals, and if you want to host a classic drive-in style event we also have FM transmitters so your guests can listen on their car radios.

We stock inflatable screen rentals from 10′ to 40′ wide. For something that big, you better have a lot of friends! Everybody likes to be entertained. Why not entertain them with your very own backyard movie night? We provide everything you need to make it a magical night: big screen, projector, speakers… you just provide the movie and the popcorn. Kids love it! Invite the neighbors, or put it in the front yard and make it a block party! Do you work with an organization like a church, school, soccer team or girl scouts? This is a great end-of-year treat for the group, and we have screens of all sizes to accommodate almost any crowd. We’ve even done these as fundraisers — a great way to raise money for your group!

How does it work?

1) You call us: 714-429-0155
2) We provide the projector, speakers and DVD player
3) You pick the movie from your local movie rental place
4) Get your friends and some popcorn — it’s party time!

Let’s get your backyard movie rental started today!


For wholesome family fun, we can’t think of anything better than a backyard movie night. Convert your yard to an outdoor theater with a pipe or inflatable screen — we carry multiple sizes in the 10′ to 17′ range.  The complete package includes a screen, projector, sound system and DVD/Bluray player — you just provide the movie.

These are available on a will-call basis from our Santa Ana office.

20 ft. Screen

The 20′ package is the starting point for our “big” setups, for which we include a technician to setup, run and strike the event on your big day. A complete package includes the 20′ inflatable screen, bright projector, two speakers, microphone for announcements, DVD/Bluray player and all the cabling, plus we handle all the gear to ensure a smooth night for your group.

This is a great solution for elementary school PTAs, churches, sports end-of-year parties or even just your family if you have enough room to work with. If you have 50-150 people, the 20′ package is probably the right solution.

24 ft. Screen

Our popular 24′ package is great for bigger groups like churches, schools and corporate parties. For traditional movie nights with blankets and chairs you can seat around 200-400 people, depending on the space you have to work with. You can also use this for smaller drive-ins, although the bigger 40′ version is better suited to that type of setup. Either way, we include all the gear (projector, screen, mic, sound system or FM transmitter) plus techs to setup and run the show so you don’t have to lift a finger.

If there isn’t enough power onsite we can add a portable generator so we are self-sufficient.

40 ft. Screen

There may be a fine line between “big enough” and “too big” but for sure we think the massive 40′ screen is just about right! This is the solution for those larger events, particularly for drive-in style movie nights where folks are going to stay in their cars. The image starts higher off the ground (8′) which means your guests can see the whole screen even if there are cars in front of them.

Depending on your setup, you can use this for around 100 cars, or 500-600 people in a traditional park environment.

We use bright projectors and carry FM transmitters so you can tune in using your car radio.

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